Enhancing Mental Healthcare with Kylie Roy

An internal project’s evolution into a digital health tool.

Percensys CORE Learning enhances outcomes in the mental health field by offering solutions that support behavioral health provider agencies, professionals, and persons-served. Over 44M American adults live with diagnosed mental health conditions and this number continues to grow as the nation, and the world, learns to cope with the psychological impact of the recent pandemic. While there is large scale recognition of the need for and value of mental healthcare, there remains a disconnect between the demand and ability to deliver critical mental healthcare. CORE is bridging that gap by developing digital resources to ensure providers are equipped to meet the needs of their clients while simultaneously balancing the financial and logistical challenges that often put well-meaning providers out of business.

As a digital health tool born out of a North Carolina based provider agency, CORE knows firsthand the challenges, risks, and opportunities that exist in the mental health space. Join CORE’s CEO, Kylie Roy, as she discusses the company’s evolution. What began as an internal project that started with a modest collect of printed resources has now grown into a robust digital health tool serving providers in multiple states.

Event Date: May 26, 2020
Event Start Time : 6:00 PM
Event Time Zone: ET