Family Services: Video Counseling Services Available Now

At some point in our lives, we all go through relationship stresses, or experiences of depression, anxiety, trauma or loss.

In such times it can be very helpful to have someone compassionately listen and help you sort through issues in a confidential manner.

Family Services is open for video-based counseling sessions and we are accepting new referrals.

We provide an array of outpatient therapy, counseling support and educational programs to help children, adults and families cope with challenges in their lives.

Guided by our highly qualified staff of therapists, our clients are led through a process of goal-setting and self-discovery to help them make positive changes and achieve greater levels of self-satisfaction.

Our therapists address common concerns, including:

• Anxiety and depression
• Stress or anger management
• Relationship difficulties
• Separation and divorce
• Adjustment/transitional issues
• Domestic violence
• Physical and sexual abuse
• Grief and loss
• Parenting/child behavioral concerns
• Trauma
• Workplace issues