A Safer Face Mask Pattern By Jessica Nandino

Jessica Nandino, RN has created a safer face mask pattern for people to create at home. Follow along with her at nursemade.co where she takes you step-by-step through this pattern! If you'd like to make masks for people in your community get matched at: https://www.makemasks2020.org/

A message from pattern creator Jessica Nandino, RN: "In my family, sewing is an act of love. This pattern could be how seamstresses in our communities communicate their solidarity. This mask says, I see you. I worry about your safety and I want to contribute in the way I know how.

Finally, I believe these mask may demonstrate our protest and passive disobedience. We will make a statement when all across the country, medical professionals start showing up to work in fabric masks, sewed by members of their community, from of a hodgepodge of fabrics in every color. The act of wearing this mask could become an visual representation of the sacrifices we are making and our unwavering dedication to care for others in their time of need - regardless of the most recent constraints of the terribly broken system we work within.

Sew On! Be Safe!

love, Jessica"

Web Location (URL): https://www.nursemade.co/