Burning Fears Away Ceremony

This video of the Burning of Fears Ceremony with Trina Zaragoza is where we embrace and acknowledge the fears we have surrounding COVID19 right now. During this ceremony we will be cutting these fear cords so that they do not manifest in our physical bodies. Grab your tools and click on the link below to watch and heal with Trina.

Opening Prayer
Heavenly source,
I am afraid, and I am worried, I am unsure of this unknown and what it will all entail. We know things are not be the same after this pandemic of this virus. Help me to trust your unfailing love and to give my fears and place them into your hands at this time. I ask you to keep the energy of fear in chaos at bay. I know in my heart I have no control over the situation but I do know I can control my self-isolation, my own fearful thoughts, step into my self-care more than ever and to really focus on my physical and emotional bodies at this time. Please guide my thoughts, calm my fears and steady my emotions. I know that there are many layers to this journey and I may not see the whys of all of it at this time I will trust it is all for a higher way of being.

Burning Ceremony

Closing with Gratitude prayer
Thank you for taking off our blindfolds often showing us how connected WE truly are
Thank you for reminding us of our daily abundance with products, freedom, health and our social connections and will we will no longer take these for granted
Thank you for the pause to show how we are lost in the Business and disconnection from each other and now we have the time to get back to basics
Thank you for showing as what truly matters in our lives are our relationships, our friendships, and our loved ones
Thank you for showing us how this pause is letting our sacred mother to heal and to learn that we do have a huge impact on her.
Thank you for showing us how our community is coming together in love and support. And thank you for showing us that we are all connected and we have an opportunity for change for move and move towards new possibilities in gratitude.