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Mona King’s passion is human-centered design; fine art, product development, interior architecture, creative consulting, and biophilic environments. Ms. King has long been involved with Design and Management on multiple levels and organizations. Initially recruited to develop a Computer-based system for apparel embellishment design, she has continued her education and research to include Biophilic and environmental design; Interior Architecture. Her career has involved graphic and product development for world-wide events such as the Olympics and major Sports competitions.

She is also a graduate of Indiana University - Fine Arts, and UNCG, Interior Architecture. Award-winning in NC Sustainable Home design. A LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Professional she is an advocate of best practices for human-centered design and sustainable design principles.

In her career she has worked as a designer through Executive Management while occupying traditional Corporate spaces, instinctively advocating for changes to improve occupant productivity, creativity, and performance. Through continuous learning and entrepreneurial innovation, she recognizes and designs environments that reflect our inherent connection to nature and promote wellness. In her business, she Utilizes the principals of Biophilic design to reduce stress and promote wellness.

As a professionally trained Artist/Designer she also designs and produces Living Aura moss art and wall installations. Other design practices inspired by include photography, paper casting, and intaglio. She believes nature inspires us to live our best life.

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