Plan Pivot Prosper

This free series has two components. Educational webinars happen weekly, and you will be encouraged to engage a Coach directly, and to join the Plan. Pivot. Prosper. Facebook group- a new private community resource to create a platform for our area small businesses to collaborate, ask questions of one another, and become a meaningful support network. All of these resources are 100% free to any business owner!

Topics will vary each week, and webinars will be facilitated to engage attendees by asking for participation at various points during each event. By participating, we will be able to work together as a business community to offer perspective and advice for one another. And as always, we will focus on items you can take action on immediately.

In alliance with YOUR local Chambers of Commerce, this series has been curated to bring business owners the tools, resources, ideas, and road navigate the here and now, as well as position business to THRIVE.

Event Date: Apr 22, 2020
Event Start Time : 11:00 AM
Event Time Zone: Eastern